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What you need to know when adopting an animal from Macedonia to Europe

The first step is for your animal to be completely vaccinated here in Macedonia, to ensure your dog or cat has developed sufficient rabies antibodies. The price for vaccines is covered by us. We don’t charge adoption fee, and all of our dogs and cats are neutered , fully vaccinated and micro-chipped. Adopters simply need to cover the cost of the travel crate, and flight(s). 

There are two great options to get your new family member to Europe: 

– As accompanied baggage with a flight volunteer.  It depends on the situation but in some cases we find it  hard to find flight volunteers willing to bring animals back with them to Europe. But so far we have had success in doing this to help keep the costs down for the adopter.

When flight volunteers are available to bring your dog or cat to any country in EU, the cost is very reasonable for the distance flown, and usually can be between 300 EUR and 500 EUR. The final cost depends on the size of your animal, airline, and where the flight volunteer departs from. In some cases, the wait time to secure a flight volunteer can be a month or two. However, rest assured we’ll do all we can to make this happen as fast as possible. Our goal is for your new dog or cat to start his/her new life with you asap. When we receive your inquiry we will be able to check the current availability of a flight volunteer to your destination.

– Flying by manifested cargo. If you prefer, we can send your new family member to you as manifested cargo. Travelling as manifested cargo costs a little more, but has the great advantage that your pet can travel to you quickly, and fly at your convenience (i.e. a date and airport chosen by you). Again, the cost varies depending on the size of the dog and destination, but typically ranges from 100 EUR to 600 EUR (for a very large dog). When we receive your inquiry we will be able to obtain a quote for you.  

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