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What you need to know when adopting an animal from Macedonia to UK

The first step is for your animal to have a blood sample taken here in Macedonia, which is then sent to an approved lab for testing to ensure your dog or cat has developed sufficient rabies antibodies. The price of this test is covered by us. Assuming your animal passes the Rabies Titer Test, they can then travel three months after the sample was taken, without undergoing quarantine. We don’t charge adoption fee, and all of our dogs and cats are sterilized, fully vaccinated and micro chipped. Adopters simply need to cover the cost of the travel that are usually around 450-470 GBP.

  • The only legal way of travel is by a van, it takes longer and the process is tiring for the pets as well as for the adopters as we are all anxious to get the new fur babies sooner.
  • The transport company picks the animals from Macedonia and there is 2 days driving and 2 days kennels father they enter UK as a welfare requirement to settle by DEFRA.
  • Once the waiting period is over is adopters choice if they want to pick the dogs from kennels or to be delivered to home (picking by your selves adds about 60GBP savings to the amount.
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