Adopting from Animal Lovers Strumica

Почетна / Adopting from Animal Lovers Strumica

Што треба да знам за да вдомам животно во Англија?

Please read the process and review the new cost breakdown as per the updated regulations in UK after Brexit.

  1. After choosing a dog you like, please go ahead and fill an application:…/
    (Only one application needs to be completed to be considered for any dog, and prior to submitting the application please ensure that your entire family has decided, that you are fine with meeting the dog before adopting it only over a video call. All of our dogs are located in Macedonia and only travel to the UK once they have found their forever homes.)
  2. After reviewing the applications, someone from our team will get in contact with you over e-mail to schedule a video call. Only if you are chosen for the dog you applied you will be contacted after 2-5 days upon submitting your application. That doesn’t mean you are not a suitable adopter for any other dog, so please contact us instead and we can always arrange a call to chat more:
  3. We won’t take much from your time, just quickly getting to know each other and you can also meet the dog over cam.
  4. After the phone call if successful you will receive a copy of the adoption agreement and we will require a reservation fee of £100 as many people has the habit to cancel last minute (that amount is not on top of the adoption fee, will be withdrawn from the total cost below)
  5. Full Payment is required a few days before travel so we can pay timely for documents and transport on your behalf
  6. After the dogs are picked up from N.Macedonia, we will do a group chat with all rescues, adopters and the driver and you will receive regular updates where they are.

If any questions please get in touch over e-mail:

Adoption Fee for dogs 7 years and older: £450

For dogs 7 years and older who are not popular for adoption.
In order to encourage people to adopt older dogs, some fees have been removed, leaving just the cost of transport to be covered.

Terms and Conditions:
The adoption fee of £570 is non-refundable under any circumstances.

The microchip will be registered to Animal Lovers Strumica as well as yourself.

If you no longer wish to care for the animal stated above, through whatever circumstances, he/she must be
returned to Animal Lovers Strumica – under NO circumstances should the animal be passed onto or sold to a
third party. You must give as much notice as possible to the rescue in this instance.
The animal stated above must reside within the family home and must not be used for breeding or guarding
purposes or have any involvement with any illegal activity, such as dog fighting or baiting etc.
The animal stated above must be provided with adequate shelter, food, fresh water, regular exercise and
veterinary treatment and must be kept safe while out in public and in the home.
All vet recommended vaccinations must be kept up to date.
Animal Lovers Strumica will be allowed access to the animal stated above on request, when giving reasonable
notice. Animal Lovers Strumica has the right to remove the dog from your possession if it is felt the dog is not
being cared for correctly or the home is no longer suitable due to changes in circumstances.
In the event that the animal stated above needs to be euthanized due to illness or accident, Animal Lovers
Strumica must be notified beforehand, unless in the case of an emergency, where you must send signed
veterinary documentation regarding the incident to Animal Lovers Strumica
Animal Lovers Strumica is not responsible for any medical conditions unknown to the rescue prior to adoption
nor those that become apparent afterwards, therefore we highly recommend seeking pet insurance.
The animal stated above has been assessed to the best of our abilities however a full and complete history of the
dog may not be available, therefore the temperament, behavior and health of a dog cannot be guaranteed. We will
do our best to provide any advice to you throughout the animal’s lifetime. Rescue back-up is for the entirety of
the adopted animal’s life.
Animal Lovers Strumica are in no way responsible or liable for any damage or injuries caused by the animal
stated above.
If the animal stated above is lost, the adopter agrees to contact Animal Lovers Strumica as well as any relevant
local authorities and will do their utmost to find the animal.
The animal stated above must be neutered/spayed within the timeframe specified by Animal Lovers Strumica
and/or as recommended by a veterinary surgeon unless already neutered/spayed. All receipts and vet records
must be sent to Animal Lovers Strumica once completed.
If any difficulties are encountered with the new dog’s behavior within the first month, the rescue will be
contacted and any advice given will be followed, allowing time for the problem behavior to be addressed before
returning the dog to the rescue.
If you are found to have misled us or given us false information in order to adopt one of our dogs, we can, at any