May 2020 – Stray Dogs in Strumica Awareness Week

There are in excess of more than 5000 stray dogs across the City of Strumica by some estimates. Stray dog overpopulation causes serious welfare concerns and disruption to local communities and ecosystems. During Stray Dogs in Strumica Awareness Month the Animal Lovers Strumica is encouraging members of the public who are in contact with a stray dogs to take part in Capture, Neuter, and Return (CNR) to help tackle the issues that accompany stray dog overpopulation.

We have created a simple form for anyone interested in participating, to sign it up and inform other people who could possibly be willing to participate. Animal Lovers Strumica will be raising funds to support this programme and other similar in the upcoming months.

Please sign up ONLY if you know or you are taking care of a stray dog that doesn’t have owners and its chipped.

Below are some frequently asked questions with answers about stray dogs, CNR, and what to do if you see stray dog in your area:

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