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No animal willingly becomes a stray and in some cases in N. Macedonia humans abandon their beloved pets easily. That is why our country suffers from many stray animals who are hungry, sick, in misery and suffer abuse by humans. Local authorities often find mass killing to be a “solution“. Killing, poisoning or shooting stray dogs is, however, not only unbelievably cruel – it also makes no sense in the long run as even just a few animals or newly abandoned animals will breed rapidly.

At our sanctuary we accept any donations whether these are monitory, old clothes to use as bedding, brooms, buckets and other cleaning products and materials.  If you have any of these items you wish to donate, we kindly ask you to bring them to our sanctuary.

We are trying to help as many stray animals as possible by giving them shelter, food, and medical treatment. Please support our work by donating! 

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Please support our work by donating!

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