Our operations are based solely on volunteer based, we don’t have paid stuff and everything we do is to help improve our animal welfare in our country North Macedonia!

The volunteer experience at the shelter includes (but is not limited to):

  • cleaning animal areas and facility
  • assisting potential adopters
  • speaking to public about Animal Lover’s mission
  • dog walking / feeding / handling
  • cat socializing / feeding / handling
  • bathing animals
  • greeting guests for special events
  • taking dogs/cats to the vets and driving them to our place
  • fundraising
  • putting posts up on social media

If there is anything you are physically unable to do, please notify us before you begin volunteering.

Volunteer FAQ


Fostering is a crucial part of the animal rescue world and here is why:

Fostering highly increases an animal’s chance of getting adopted. Animals in foster care tend to be less stressed, better socialized, and have a lower chance of getting sick than animals in shelters. You may even be the first to teach your foster pet basic house manners, making them more appealing to potential adopters.

Fostering keeps animals out of boarding facilities and shelters which can be very stressful with the noise, barriers, lack of adequate exercise, etc.

Pets who might not thrive in a shelter setting have a chance to be healthy and happy. It also helps potential adopters get to see what a great personality the animal has in a home setting.

Some animals are not ready to be adopted immediately. In addition to needing extra love and care, they have to learn to trust people and to live in a human environment. Foster parents help these animals by providing a temporary home until the animal is ready for adoption.

You feel good, we feel good, and your foster pet is happy, healthy, and well-socialized.


We relay only on individual donations that our volunteers have a very hard time to fundraise for. If you want to join and help our team in any way, please contact Us for more details.

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