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Animal Lovers Strumica is a nonprofit organization that rescues, treat, provide shelter and fin homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the area of Strumica, N. Macedonia. Even tough the organisation was founded in 2017, we have been rescuing animals since we can remember. Our country is  facing a serious problem with increasing number of stray abandoned, neglected and abused dogs and cats. As we can’t just stand a side and look at the problem, we are working to help these poor animals – one at a time. Without any help from our municipality, government and only relaying on donations from good people, we are currently providing food, medicine treatments and shelter for over 60 dogs and cats. And even though sometime we feel hopeless – we are never giving up as they needs us.

We are located in Strumica, N. Macedonia. Currently we are in the process of relocating the sanctuary. But feel free to contact us if you are interested in visiting.

We are open everyday in the morning and afternoons until 7pm. Please contact us if you are visiting.

Yes we do. The only things we cannot use are open bags of food, open/expired medication, pillows, large comforters or anything with down filing. Anything else you’d like to donate you many bring in during any of our shelter hours

Animal Lovers Strumica will never euthanize for space or time. Adoptable animals will stay in our care for as long as it takes to get them adopted or placed in a more suitable rescue or foster situation.

Due to the fact that we are such a small shelter with limited time and resources, we cannot accommodate large school group visits, but are open for a any small group. Contact us for more details.

Looking to Adopt?

The quickest way to adopt or rehome is to start the process by contacting us or via our Facebook Page. This way you tell us a bit about yourself, and which dog you’re interested in, so we could do appropriate analysis for the human-dog pairing.

After the initial contact, we’ll contact you for the further steps. Which are:
1. Home check – If necessary, one of our staff or our associates will do a home check by previously arranging that with you.
2. Transporting the dog – In organization with you, we’re going to transport the dog to the location.
3. Wait for few days to a week and start paperwork – We need to wait a period of time to see if the adaptation phase will go through successfully. If everything is okay, we’re going to transfer the Dog’s documents to the new owner and we’re going to ask you to sign a form where you state you’re the legal owner of the dog, and we’re legally allowed to do surprised visits, as well as check in with you of the dog’s wellbeing.

Adoption Fees when adopting in N. Macedonia are:

  • 1000 mkd for animals older than 6 months
  • 1500 mkd for animals under 6 months


Adoption Fees when adopting outside of N. Macedonia vary depending on the country you are from:

= Included in this cost are the following:
= Microchipping;
= Initial vaccinations, flea and worming treatment;
= A collar and lead;
= Starter pack of food, advice and special offers
= (when adopting from abroad the cost includes animal travel certificate, rabbies vaccine and travel arrangements)




We do utilize fosters for some of our animals, including neonatal (bottle-baby) kittens and puppies. Our fosters are recruited from within our shelter volunteers. If you’re interested in fostering for Animal Lovers Strumica, please contact us.

As soon as you are match with an animal of your choosing we will start the process immediately. Usually the process take a day for adopters from N. Macedonia. And up to 3 months for adopters from other countries.

Guide & Advice

We recommend calling us or contacting us via our Facebook Page with photos of your pet. We will try out best to spread the word about your missing pet.

We recommend calling us or contacting us via our Facebook Page with photos of your pet. We will try out best to spread the word and find the owners of the dog.