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Thinking of adding a pet to your family? Why not adopt instead of looking to buy? Currently in N. Macedonia there are more than 60,000 stray dogs that are either left by their owners or just born on the streets. In recent years we even see huskies, labradors, and other pure breed dogs abandoned and running the streets. So why not make a different and get a puppy or an older dog as a family pet?


Any large breed Sarplaninac cross lovers here? Meet Adam, he might be just the dog for you! As every rescue dog his story is tragic…


Pit is looking for a home Pit is a friendly dog who many people in my town spotted him as stray as he was running…


Good morning world Meet the lovely Mony. Mony is a literal ray of sunshine, always playful, crazy, loyal, and typical puppy. Mony would fit any…


Ji was found at a gas station, with an ear hematoma and pregnant. She was immediately taken to a vet to be spayed. They also…


Liz is looking for a home She is our literal ray of sunshine in the shelter, always playful, crazy, loyal, and typical pup. She would…


Are you mesmerized by green eyes easily?  Amenadiel might be just the dog for you!  As every rescue dog his story is tragic and sad,…


Anyone out there for Ana? Returned by her owners due to no fault by her own, they were just tired and she was only 6…


We are looking for a home for Cora - From an abandoned mountaineer , to an extraordinary life companion. Cora is a dog who, together…

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