All of the below animals were rescued and rehomed by Animal Lovers Team, please read about their story.

By adopting from our available dogs, you can become a success story as well, please help us make more stories with a happy ending.


Sili was found abandoned in Novo Selo at just 8 months of age. He had a wound on his leg and was covered with mice …

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Shugi has been found very young on the streets, starving and suffering from severe mange. She survived it all and today lives with a loving …

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Amigo was found with severe wounds and damages, because he had been dragging his body for way too long. He is only 4 years old …

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Molly was found bleeding from her legs after being hit by a car. She struggled a lot until she finally got her ticket to her …

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Magda’s owner died and nobody else wanted her from their family. She had been thrown at a local gas station. We received a call about …

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We found Happy when he was only 7 months old. His owner brought him to the vet to be euthanized, because he thought he was …

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