Found starving, looking for a food in a local village, we immediately had to step in and take her as all her bones were visible. Immediately took her to vets and she is leish positive.

All medications received and in good state at the moment, looking for experienced owners with leish.

Gliska is a hound breed dog, a Posavac hound but had no chip and owners never claimed her. There is no doubt that the Posavac hound needs a good amount of exercise each day; however, this doesn’t have to be excessive. Typically two 30 to 60 minutes opportunities a day to play, run, and walk will satisfy his needs for physical exertion. Great activities to consider with a Posavac hound include jogging or cycling alongside you. And, agility or Flyball are also great outlets for his need for activity and a sense of purpose in life.Indeed, whilst a Posavac hound isn’t ideal for apartment living, if you are prepared to put the time and effort into getting him out and about on a daily basis, then it might just work.

Gliska is a kind and gentle dog, totally devoted to its owner. Due to its character traits, it is very obedient and malleable. It is a family dog, which treats children and other family members with great warmth.

Gliska is a very intelligent dog, she picked up our routine and learned when food is given and she has to enter back in her kennel in 2 days, she is lookin at you and tying to understand what you want.

The Posavac Hound is an obedient and persistent dog. Therefore, there should be no problems with training.

More information for Glishka

Breed : Posavac hound

Age : 2 year(s)

Sex: Female

Color: Brown-white

Weight: 20kg

Spayed: Yes

Vaccinated and Microchipped: Yes

Good with cats : No

Good with Kids: Yes

Good with other Dogs: Yes

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