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Meet Gina, a small, lovable, and loyal female dog who has spent years guarding a construction company’s property. Gina’s journey hasn’t been an easy one; she has given birth to several litters of puppies, with many of them tragically losing their lives on the busy road nearby. Despite the challenges she’s faced, Gina has always remained dedicated to her duties.

As time went on, the construction company decided to bring in a bigger dog to guard their property. They no longer needed Gina’s services, and her future became uncertain. Fortunately, a one of our activist stepped in to save the day.

The activist, who had been following Gina’s story is currently fostering her. She took it upon themselves to vaccinate her and provide her with the love and care she deserved. Now, Gina is enjoying her new life away from the construction site, discovering the joys of cuddling and affection.

Although small in stature, Gina’s heart is as big as ever. Her story is a testament to the power of love and compassion in the face of adversity. The activist’s kindness has given Gina a new lease on life, and she is finally getting the chance to experience the warmth and happiness she has always deserved.

As Gina settles into her new life, she is eagerly awaiting the day she finds her forever home, where she can share her love and loyalty with a family who will cherish her. If you or someone you know is interested in providing Gina with the loving home she deserves, consider reaching out and becoming a part of this heartwarming story. Remember, adopting a dog like Gina can make a world of difference in their life and bring endless joy to yours.


Are you mesmerized by green eyes easily? 👀
He was initially named Zvonko than I called him Zlatko and now I called him Pongo as he jumps like a ping pong ball! 💕
Pongo was in another shelter where he caught my eye as he was living chained and his energy was soo high he was jumping up and down all the time on that chain.
I had to take him so he can live free in a kennel and jump as much as he wants without a chaing strangling him.
Pongo is a very friendly, loving dog who loves attention, He will actually do everything to get your attention and recieve a bit of petting he is veeery jumpy, playful, easy to train as loves her food.
Her perfect home would be a rural area or an active family who would run and play with him and has a lot of free time. Ideally to be an only pet or with another high energy dog to keep him company.


3 paws beauty is in search for a lifetime companion who will look through his disability and see him as the most wonderful creature as we do 💫
Meet Casper! 🔆
Young, energetic, jumpy, playful, you would not even tell he is missing a leg when you see him run in the pack! 💚
Casper has been in a need of a lot of support and help, fould with a terrible injury that let to his amputation, broken front leg too, on top of that starved. 🥺🥺
We have passed so many obstacles together and are looking for the PERFECT home for him!


In a tale of resilience and unwavering hope, G, a gentle and loving dog, has come a long way since she was found in dire circumstances at a gas station, pregnant and suffering from an ear hematoma. Despite her painful condition and the neglect she had experienced, G’s faith in humanity remained unshaken.

Upon discovery, G was quickly taken to a veterinarian, who treated her ear and performed a spay surgery to prevent any future pregnancies. We are thrilled to share that G has made a remarkable recovery, and her ear is now completely healed. While the road to recovery was challenging, G’s spirit remained as strong as ever, and her inspiring story is one of courage and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Despite being mistreated by cruel individuals, G’s trust in people has not waned. She is always eager for cuddles and snuggles, offering unconditional love to those who treat her kindly. G’s loyalty knows no bounds – she will become your shadow, staying by your side through thick and thin. Whether you’re a slow walker or a fast-paced adventurer, G will patiently wait for you, tail wagging, ready to join you on your journey.

G’s incredible story is a reminder that even in the most challenging circumstances, love and hope can prevail. Now fully recovered and more vibrant than ever, this brave and loyal companion is searching for her forever human – someone to share her unwavering love and devotion with. If you feel a connection with G’s story and are ready to embrace a true best friend, she is waiting to embark on a new chapter filled with love, trust, and companionship.


Biggie was once a part of a family until they decided they didn’t want him anymore and threw him on the streets. He kept going back home, where he lived for three years, but they wouldn’t let him in. So, he started roaming the streets, ending up hit by a car on one of the busiest streets in town. Luckily, one of our volunteers took him, called the vet, and he did not have serious injuries. Unfortunately, after the blood work, we discovered that he has leishmania and Ehrlichia, which is probably why the family wanted to get rid of him. Due to the illness, he experienced hair loss, became lethargic, and did not want to leave the doggy house. We started treating him immediately with antibiotics, Allopurinol, and various vitamins, gave him quality food, and after just a month, he became a whole new dog. His coat grew up, and now it is all fluffy and shiny. After that, he started going out more, and after the second month, he started playing with the other dogs in foster care. Currently, he lives with four female dogs, and they all adore him. Now, six months later, he is fully recovered, but the leishmania remains. He could have the life he deserves with a proper diet and a loving family. He is a big furry ball and wants to cuddle more than any other dog. He would be perfect for a family with kids that can spoil him with hugs and kisses. He knows how to sit, and even though he is the only male, he is very polite and always patiently waits for his food.


He is in a shelter for over 2 years now, life here is not always rainbows and butterflies and he would definitely benefit from a home. 💔
Tyron is the perfect family dog, loyal, protective, adores kids, friendly, loving, charming.
He is the star at the shelter the best boy we could ever have, yet he is still here and nobody wants to give him a chance.
Lead trained, great with other dogs and never seen a cat, he will blossom in a family with a big yard and time to walk and work with him.
He will be great as a single pet if has a lot of attention, ideally we would kike to see him with a sibling.


Leo is looking for his chance in life.
He was found in bushes in the middle of nowhere alone with his brother, who had already found his home. He is a really good boy who grew up in the shelter.
Leo’s character is playful, gentle, loving, smart, and food obsessed. Once tired, he will sit on your lap, asking for cuddles. He would fit best in an active family with free time and maybe another dog so he can have a companion. Let’s give this boy a chance!


Found starving, looking for a food in a local village, we immediately had to step in and take her as all her bones were visible. Immediately took her to vets and she is leish positive.

All medications received and in good state at the moment, looking for experienced owners with leish.

Gliska is a hound breed dog, a Posavac hound but had no chip and owners never claimed her. There is no doubt that the Posavac hound needs a good amount of exercise each day; however, this doesn’t have to be excessive. Typically two 30 to 60 minutes opportunities a day to play, run, and walk will satisfy his needs for physical exertion. Great activities to consider with a Posavac hound include jogging or cycling alongside you. And, agility or Flyball are also great outlets for his need for activity and a sense of purpose in life.Indeed, whilst a Posavac hound isn’t ideal for apartment living, if you are prepared to put the time and effort into getting him out and about on a daily basis, then it might just work.

Gliska is a kind and gentle dog, totally devoted to its owner. Due to its character traits, it is very obedient and malleable. It is a family dog, which treats children and other family members with great warmth.

Gliska is a very intelligent dog, she picked up our routine and learned when food is given and she has to enter back in her kennel in 2 days, she is lookin at you and tying to understand what you want.

The Posavac Hound is an obedient and persistent dog. Therefore, there should be no problems with training.


Negro, he came alone in our yard when we helped some bitches in heat to be spayed, he tough he will mate but my plan and his didn’t went on the same direction so I neutered him and rehomed him, or, I thought so. Went to check his health before travel and his results came positive on leish as well. So, he stayed.

He can be rehomed to people only that are experienced with Leish or have a vet that has treated the disease.


Micko is one of these dogs that were severely beaten on the streets, he will love you once he loves you, but he is very unsure of new people and will bark at them.

It’s nothing a little training can’t help with, Micko is a loving boy who enjoys cuddling and loves playing, he is still just a baby.

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