Are you mesmerized by green eyes easily? 👀
He was initially named Zvonko than I called him Zlatko and now I called him Pongo as he jumps like a ping pong ball! 💕
Pongo was in another shelter where he caught my eye as he was living chained and his energy was soo high he was jumping up and down all the time on that chain.
I had to take him so he can live free in a kennel and jump as much as he wants without a chaing strangling him.
Pongo is a very friendly, loving dog who loves attention, He will actually do everything to get your attention and recieve a bit of petting he is veeery jumpy, playful, easy to train as loves her food.
Her perfect home would be a rural area or an active family who would run and play with him and has a lot of free time. Ideally to be an only pet or with another high energy dog to keep him company.

More information for Zvonko

Age : 2 year(s)

Sex: Male

Color: White-brown

Weight: 20kg

Spayed: Yes

Vaccinated and Microchipped: Yes

Good with cats : Not a fan of cats

Good with Kids: Can be homed with kids over 7 years old only

Good with other Dogs: Yes

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